For metal machine parts that require particularly high precision, we have installed and use high-precision grinders and polishing machines.

We have a total of about 45 grinders with a diameter of 2,450 x 10,000L or less and mirror polishing machines with a diameter of 2,300 x 10,000L or less to meet customers’ orders.

Grinding machine (with crowning device)Diameter 2,000 x 10,000L, etc.
Diameter 800 x 12,000L, etc.
13 units
NC grinding machineDiameter 2,450×10,000L, etc.1 units
Mirror polishing machineDiameter 2,300×10,000L, etc.8 units
NC Lathe machineDiameter 1,150×10,000L, etc.8 units
latheDiameter 1,400×8,000L, etc.
Diameter 600×10,000L, etc.
10 units

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