Plating processing


We have many years of experience, technology, and large-scale facilities in industrial plating. Since processing methods vary greatly depending on materials, required characteristics, and applications, our technical staff will propose “plating processing methods” to meet the specifications of various shapes desired by our customers.

Hard chrome plating

A surface treatment technology with excellent resistance to corrosion and especially to abrasion.

Widely used not only in industry but also in daily life.

Electroless nickel plating

Surface treatment technology with high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance.

Uniform plating film is applied to products with complex shapes.

Electrolytic copper and nickel plating

Surface treatment technology with excellent conductivity.

Surface treatment is applied as a base for conductor rolls, etc.

Required CharacteristicsType of PlatingApplication examples
High hardnessIndustrial chrome and Sankel plating (electroless nickel plating)Cylinders, rolls, various dies
SmoothnessIndustrial ChromiumCylinders, piston rings
Dimensional accuracySankel plating (electroless nickel plating)Precision machine parts, precision molds
Building-upIndustrial chrome, copperRolls, bearings, cylinders
Mold separation propertyIndustrial chromeVarious molds
Low coefficient of frictionIndustrial chromium, dispersed nickelPaper making rolls, yarn feed rolls
Anti-slipPears PlatingVarious rolls
Equipment nameSizeQuantity
Industrial hard chrome plating bathsDiameter 3,600 x Height 8,300,etc.
Length 3,650 x Width 2,400 x Height 6,300
Length 10,000 x Width 2,000 x Height 3,000,etc.
22 tanks
9 tanks
Electroless nickel plating bathLength 2,500 x Width 3,000 x Height 4,000,etc.2 tanks
Electrolytic copper plating bathRotary type5 tanks
Electro-nickel plating bathRotary type3 tanks
Other: galvanizing tanks, alkali coloring tanks, percalizing tanks, sulfuric and hydrochloric acid tanks, alkali tanks, neutralization tanks, etc.

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